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Top 4 Questions To Ask Wautoma Roofers Before Hiring Them

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As a smart homeowner, you want to make the right choice when you need a Wautoma roofer. Hiring a roofer is something you want to treat just like you would to hire someone new at your place of work. Your main focus will be about the answers you receive during the interview and what you learn after checking references.

Here are some questions you can ask as you call around and speak to local roofing contractors. Of course, there are plenty of other questions you can ask so write down any you think of prior to conducting your interviews.

Remember that you can often get a free estimate if you would rather talk to the roofer in person.

Questions To Ask A Roofer

Even if you are a brand new homeowner you don’t need to feel nervous or intimidated by someone in a service field. More importantly, you don’t need to get taken for a ride by a less than reputable roofer, so it’s important to know what to ask. Here are the four key points to touch on:

1. Do you have proof of current licensing and insurance?

Never accept any excuses a person may have for not having it. Without it you could have big problems if the work is not completed well or if the need for an insurance claim arises.

2. How long have you been in business?

Obviously, you want to trust someone who is established in the local area. Anything else could be a red flag so make sure to follow up by doing a background check.

3. Tell me about the process you will go through.

A pro will be able to walk you through what they do without hesitation. Part of being a professional is being able to help the customer understand what you are doing and why.

4. Can you give me references?

When you get your references make it a point to follow up with them. Find out how long ago their roofing was done too. If all the references are from homeowners who got their roofs last month they may not yet have discovered potential problems with the work.

Trusted Wautoma Roofers

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